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Ahtisaari Days

The purpose of the Ahtisaari Days is to increase knowledge of mediation at all levels of society. The aim is to make peace work and mediation part of everyone’s daily life by treating the theme in schools, at public events and among experts. The Ahtisaari Days are held yearly in November, around Martti’s nameday (10 November). In 2014, the Ahtisaari Day events took place in Turku (11th & 13th of November 2014). The Ahtisaari Days are organised by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.


The original idea for Ahtisaari Day came from the Country Brand Delegation which outlined solution-oriented approach and functionality as the key strengths of Finland. The Country Brand Delegation assigned the Ministry for Foreign Affairs with a mission to organise an annual peace mediation event, which would be called the Ahtisaari Days. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs accepted the mission and considers the Ahtisaari Days an important initiative by means of which it is possible to enhance international cooperation in peace mediation and highlight Finnish expertise in the arena. In the future, Finland wants to make even stronger commitments to peace mediation. By means of peace mediation, it is possible to affect conflicts in their various stages. In the best-case scenario, conflicts are prevented before they arise.

Material for Schools

Schools around the world are more than welcome to join Ahtisaari Days.

  • Conflict resolution role game, Kurkum Peace Talks, suitable for high school students can be downloaded here.
  • Ahtisaari Days Online game can be played here.

Additional information

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